3 New Mexicans to Know, and One to Inspire Us Forever

When we received news that one of New Mexico’s most valued and impactful business leaders had passed yesterday, the grief in our community was immediate and audible.

Steven Perich
 was the well-known “P” in D/P/S, the largest architecture firmin the state. As I wrote about him a few years ago, Perich was a man of intense integrity, as evidenced by his firm’s Ethics in Business Award and his Top CEO award from our publication. He and I spoke about our hopes that New Mexico would continue to grow its economy, and Perich worked tirelessly toward that end.
Many of you knew him personally, but for those of you who didn’t, I would share the words of the individual who nominated him for Top CEO. D/P/S Principal Kendal Giles wrote:
Steve has been my mentor and friend for my entire professional career. Early on, Steve encouraged me to return to the University of New Mexico to finish my master of architecture degree, which was necessary for me to obtain licensure as an architect, and allowed me flexibility to take classes that interfered with the normal workday. It took many years of one or two classes per semester, but with Steve’s prodding, patience and continual encouragement, I did graduate and become a licensed architect. It is no exaggeration to state that I learned virtually everything I know about how to run a business from Steve. From my perspective, he is one of the smartest and most intuitive business leaders I’ve ever met. He believes that a service firm like ours is all about our people, and to be successful, we must continue to provide opportunities for professional growth for every individual in the firm. He believes and preaches that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that we are at our best as a firm when we are collaborative and multidisciplinary.

Perich will be missed, and his dedication to mentorship will inspire many to emulate his collaborative leadership style. This week’s column, in his honor, features three leaders of fast-growing companies whom we will honor next week at our Fastest Growing Companies Awards. I believe Perich would be proud of the work they’re doing to grow New Mexico.

Daniel Reeves, CEO and co-owner, Green Summit Landscape Management. Reeves helped launch his Rio Rancho company nearly five years ago. Before that, he was director of maintenance for six years with Heads Up Landscape Management. Reeves graduated from Brigham Young University, after serving a two-year mission for his church, with a bachelor of science in landscape management.Brandon Poulin, CEO and co-founder, LadyBoss Weight Loss. A serial entrepreneur since age 17, Poulin leads LadyBoss, which he started five years ago with his wife Kaelin, to No. 4 on this year’s Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America, generating over $60 million in revenue by the time he was 25. LadyBoss encompasses multiple women’s product lines including digital personal training programs, live events, supplements, apparel and custom weight loss coaching. Poulin attended Central New Mexico Community College.

Cathy Schueler, executive director, Bosque Mental Health Associates. Schueler’s organization, which she has run for nearly 16 years, offers outpatient counseling, assisting families, couples and individuals since 1994. Like me, Schueler spent some time in West Michigan before New Mexico, attending Hope College for her bachelor’s and obtaining her master’s degree at UNM and another at New Mexico Highlands University.

Via the New Mexico Business First