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What do our clients say?

“I believe that regular therapy [at Bosque Mental Health] has helped me make some amazing breakthroughs in my personal life...I

have been able to change my life from hopeless despair to balanced optimism.” — Eric

"Everyone I have dealt with at Bosque Mental Health Associates, from Annette, the administrative manager, to the mental health

professionals, have behaved like decent human beings who are also good at their jobs. That is a combination of virtues you don't

always encounter. If you need to talk to someone about any mental health or relationship difficulties you are experiencing, this is an

excellent place to go!" —  Laura

“Life could not be any better for me right now, and a lot of that is thanks to you.” —  Adam

"Thank you for helping me cope with my mental illness, being an ear that will listen confidentially, and a shoulder on which to express

my concerns and fears. I am sorry that more people don't have a therapist to help them." —  Benjamin

"Cathy and her team supported and worked with my children and family for over 6 years, consistently treating us with incredible respect

and dignity, advocating for and guiding my girls through many life challenges. They were a lifeline to our family requiring health and


"Friendly welcoming staff. The new office building is awesome; it is comfortable and inviting. It creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for therapy. There is a fountain, a small aquarium build into the wall of the reception area, and a designer bathroom. To sum it up, therapy here is more calming than spending the afternoon with the Dali lama, and this office space is nicer than most people's houses." — Brianna "Cathy and the whole staff have been kind, caring, respectful at all times. Always put my child first, and make sure she is engaged, involved, and happy here. She's always excited to come in. Thank you for everything. We are so glad we found you." JLD
"The girls at the front are amazing! They make coming to your office a wonderful experience! I look forward to seeing them every week! Christopher has changed my life in such an amazing way! I'm so glad I have him as my counselor! I couldn't imagine where my life would be without him or the staff of Bosque Mental Health. They make it feel like a 2nd home! 10 stars!" Ashley